Monday, June 11, 2007

Powell Hut, Mt Holdsworth (twice)

Last weekend took me and some friends up Mt Holdsworth. After climbing to the summit we stayed at Powell and then In the morning I headed up again to see if there was any snow.... unfortunately
nothing really, but there was ice, and it was cold.... and there was
plenty of white stuff (cloud)Again Hughie was smiling on us and we got
much better weather than was forecast.

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Bane's Hut - Orongorongo Valley Rimutaka Range

Had a great trip into the Valley on the saturday and luckly the weather held off enough to keep everone happy. Unfortunatly we didn't get to the summit of Mathew and I had a tumble on the way back down, over a week latter and my ancle is still bruised and swolen! (although I did go tramping last weekend so I can't complain too much) Bane's is a great hut with plenty of character, sadly it probably won't be around for too much longer. It's also a hut without any matreses, hence the photo of a very riped and uncomfortable stretcher I slept on. Thanks to Brendon for taking me out!

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