Friday, June 01, 2007

10mm Lens

I've been borrowing my flatmates 10mm Sigma lens. I can't quite work out how it gets so much in without going fish eye.

This weekend I'm off to the Orongorongo Valley in The Rimutaka range. Its a long weekend so we're heading for Bains hut Saturday, up Mt Mathew Sunday and back to Bains, then out on Monday. Looks like a wet one :( I'm also taking my flatmates up to Powell the following weekend.

I've got a few more things to upload including Heavenly Burlesque and the Bable project, and hopefully there will be some new stuff from the trip this weekend.

Bicycle Lights

Rugby Poneke vs University Old Boys


Opera Director

Mt Taranaki

I love flying. I specially love flying when the sun is setting over a beautiful mountain with low cloud circling its base. Unfortunatly I was seated next to the wing and had totally the wrong lens. Hopefully I'll be taking shots from the summit sometime soon.

Sorry about not having updated in ages, I have been busy :) There will be more to come!

Tana Umanga

Former All Black and Hurracanes Captin Tana Umanga Playing for his home team Petone against Avalon



PIC vs East red


St Bernards VS Hutt Valley High School



1928 Indian Scout and a WWII era BSA


Moa Point

What was once described by a Wellington City Councilor as Wellington City's Arse Hole Moa Point 10 years after clean up began.

The Media Archive

Bird Eating Spider

The South American bird eating spider on display at Wellington zoo

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Free Trade Soccer

Fat Freddys Trombone Player Hohepa

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