Monday, September 18, 2006

2nd Trip into The Tararua Range

Last Weekend I got to go on another amazing trip into the Tararuas. Quite different from the last trip in that there were no real big climbs up into the shelter. 5 of us came in from Kaitoke walking along smiths creek avoiding a large slip by dropping into the creek. Once meeting up with the main river we followed the true right side of the river up to where the bridge has been moved to. It was previously further up stream but had become unstable and been moved to its current position. The track running along the true left side of the river hasn't been cut yet so rather than bush bashing we decided to follow the old track and cross where the bridge had previously been.
We reached Tutuwai Hut in good time and had a great chicken curry complete with Roti! We even managed to kill a possum.(their a very distructive pest here)

Cone Hut

Cone Hut - One of the only Totara Slab Huts Still Standing. Built in 1946 It was renovated in recent years using traditional methods. This is an awsome little hut and I hope to spend a night there sometime soon.

Swing Bridge on The Way Out

After Staying at Tutuwai Hut the night two of us walked out via Walls Whare on the Wairarapa side of the range. Right at the end of the track we crossed the river via a great swing bridge, not one for people who have a problem with heights!

Long Way Down

Me Hanging over the edge

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