Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Fireworks Display Wellington Harbour

Unfotunatly it appears this may be the last year people are able to buy fireworks due to dangerous and irresponsible behaviour by some people stretching the fire brigade to breaking poit in some areas of the country.

Millitary Padgent for The Year of The Veteran

This Year Marks the Year of the Veteran. The Westpac trust Stadium (AKA the Cake Tin) played hoast to Marching bands, Flyovers, fireworks, gun Salutes and a Mock Battle in memory of those who gave their lives and service to the Millitary in foregn Warzones.

Dion Prewster

Dion Prewster Jounior Tall Black from Wellington Helped New Zealand to victory recently

National Front Protest Parliament

For the past 3 years on LAbour Weekend The New Zealand National Fronthas demonstrated in Wellington. The group is an extreem right wing organisation who's members have been linked to racial violence and property damage including damage to a jewish graveyard.
A group of Anti-fashist activists has also been there to counter demonstrate for the past three years, many wearing scarves and balaclavas for safty fearing their photos and details will be posted on right wing websites.
Members of a splinter group know as "The New Right" were also present but were chased away.

Golden Oldies World Rugby Festival

Last week bout thousands of "senior" rugby players to Wellington for the World Golden Oldies Festival.
Players must be over 35, with the older team members are not allowed to be tackeled.
All games ended in a draw.

Breaker Bay Flowers

Recently A young man drowned at Breaker Bay in Wellington Harbour after swimming out to help if friend.
Some of his friend have left poems and flowers near the spot which it happened.

TePapa Defence Industry Conference

As Promiced, the Last of the photos!

I can't be bothered putting up all the information but you can find reports writen by some of the Activists Here

Monday, November 06, 2006


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