Friday, March 10, 2006

Newtown Festival Street Performer

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Newtown Festival Street Performers

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Street Performer

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Nut Stand

My younger Brother Michael Burnell Makes an ass of himself for the Camera Posted by Picasa

The Nut stand

Mike Burnell Cooking up a storm Posted by Picasa

Little Bushman

Wellington Warren Maxwell plays with the Little Bushman at Newtown Festival Posted by Picasa

Ladder Man and Mullett man


Ladder man

Street Performer Ladder Man gets cheeky Posted by Picasa

Basket Ball Jones


Basket Ball Jones

Basket Ball Jones Performs is finale atop of a 10ft unicycle. Posted by Picasa

New Town Festival

Steven - a participant picked from the crowd for Basketball jones's show did very well considering he was greek and spoke no english Posted by Picasa