Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Wellington Watefront

Well after a whole bunch of pissing round I finally got this post up.

I had the afternoon off and nothing to do so I thought for once I might go and shoot some stuff for fun because its been a verry long time since I've done that!!!

Don't get me wrong I love doing this for a living Its just been a while since I've just taken shots for the hell of it.

I decided to give the camera a go on B/W, I was expecting much but it ok. Doesn't match film though but if I wanted to really do it properly I could have shot in RAW and convirted it latter pissing about in photoshop..... but yeah it was for fun so blah.

Threw on a fixed 50mm put the camera in to single shot, manual focus, full manual metering (I often shoot in Av and override the meter)and took photos of sea gulls, not my usual but I did have fun just meandering about on a wet wellington day :)

Hope you enjoy.


Anonymous Elmo said...

Cool photos. Keep up the good work

9:05 PM  

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