Saturday, December 10, 2005

All the Lastest

Sorry about the lack of updates lately!
I've been quite busy being summer and all.

Last week I went out racing with the Royal Port Nic Yacht Club Sailing Academy to do a photo essay for the news paper. It was a really fun race and the crew were all great.
I'm really looking forward to doing some more sailing when I get up north.
We beat the other training boat for the first time so I think it was a pretty good result!

If your thinking of learning to sail in Wellington these guys a really cool so check em out.
Sailing Academy
Dave's blog one of the crew

Next up is Santa getting into a spot of trouble with the law. Three wellington Animal rights campaigners lacked onto a delivery truck to protest against the use of sow crates in the pork industry

Indy Media Article

Kelly Bently is one of Wellingtons up and coming swimming stars, I'm not sure how she went but the 16 year old was attempting to qualify for the columwelth games.

The Razor shot is from a child cancer fundraising event in midland park last week.
There was a really big turn out and a few sights!

Well merry Xmas all, I hope you all have a good one and hopefully I'll be able to update the site while I'm on holiday. I have a few projects I'm hoping to work on while I'm away which should turn into some good shots!

Take care



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